Instructors/Faculty Policies

and Procedures


On May 22, 2015, an agreement was reached between GU and the NCFHE regarding a policy that allows facilitators with a particular MQF level to teach at the same level of their MQF level of education. The policy's guidelines are as follows: It is standard throughout higher education to require instructors to hold an earned qualification at least one level higher than the learners. It is also widely accepted to allow instructors who are holding the same qualification as that sought by learners to provide instruction under the supervision of a more qualified faculty member. It is this latter arrangement that GU is approving for GIT. Director Agius, who has earned multiple advanced degrees, will be authorized to appoint such instructors under the following requirements: All instructors must hold an earned qualification at least at the same level as that being sought by the learners. All instructors will commit to strict compliance with Mr. Agius’ oversight and be amenable to his counsel. All instructors will adhere to such instructional methodologies as defined by Mr. Agius and that are deemed compatible with the curriculum and conducive to successful learning. All instructors will submit either verbal or written reports, as required by Mr. Agius, summarizing the instruction and learning activities and experiences. All instructors must be involved in ongoing professional development. This includes completing formal educational courses, attending seminars, or any other learning activity to which evidence can be produced. Should disagreements emerge between instructors and any students or school administrators regarding academic issues, module content, scholarship, or other matters related to the content and delivery of the curriculum, Mr. Agius’ opinions and decisions will be final. Instructors will accept and submit to such opinions and decisions. When instructors who hold a qualification at least one level higher than that being sought by the learners are available, these instructors will be preferred by GIT. When such faculty are not available, instructors holding the same level qualification as that being pursued by the learners will be permitted to instruct a GIT class under the above policy and provisions. Original document
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