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Global University assures its students that its philosophy is to be responsive to any student complaint. Historically Global University has received very few complaints, and those it has received have been resolved to the student’s satisfaction in every case. Global Institute of Theology’s commitment is to follow this example. The complainant student should take the matter to the Student Representative. The Student Representative should first try to resolve the problem, depending on the nature of the complaint. The Student Representative should use his discretion keeping the interest of the students as his priority. If the matter is not resolved, the Head of School must be notified. f the complaint is about the head of school, the Board of Trustees must be informed. The Board of Trustees will decide if the matter needs to be directed to Global University Provost and Vice President of International Networks. If the case is serious enough, the Board of Trustees must immediately informed GU’s officials by copying them the complaint documents and every correspondence. The board can also ask for advice from Global University officers. Minutes must be kept at all stages of the procedure. The GIT office will keep the original copies, and all other correspondence and evidence. The complaint should be made on the form made available online, accessible from the links tab on GIT’s home page. The student should be providing a clear explanation of his or her complaint with evidence if this is available. In order to give a clear meaning, the complaint should include: Name of the person or persons involved. A full description of the complaint, including names of individuals involved, dates, places, and any other factors that will assist the Board to understand fully the complaint’s nature and details. An explanation of steps taken when trying to resolve the complaint Any evidence available can be uploaded together with statements of witnesses if available. If the complaint is made against one of the board members, teachers, or faculty, the Head of School will decide how to proceed with the manner. Global University officials must always be involved, and if the faculty was appointed by GU, then it would be best that the Provost will deal with the situation. In this case, GU will settle the issue using the formal procedures established by GU. If the problem is local, the head of school will convene the Board of Trustees including the student representative. If need be, other pastors or students will be involved as resource persons to assist in finding the solution. Once a complaint is made in writing, GIT must give the complaint full attention with no longer than fifteen working days from the day of the complaint to the start of the investigation. Depending on the complications or gravity of the situation, it should be settled within at least two months. If more time is needed, GIT must inform the student and give him or her an explanation for the delay.