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Student Representative

The Concept of a Student Representative

Global Institute of Theology is committed to serve the students to its best ability. Consequently, a student representative is the correct person to share and/or express the students’ needs with the Board and the director. Since the number of students is limited, one student representative will meet the needs. Preferably the student will be an active student. However, an Alumni will also fit the purpose. In the future, both may be needed. As the school grows in numbers, the number of student representatives will increase. Ideally, a representative for every MQF level taught at GIT. Nominations for the Student Representatives will be made by any member of the board and seconded by another member of the council. However, the Director can veto the nomination if he sees fit.

The Roles of Student Representatives are:

1. be a member of the Board of Trustees. 2. mediate between students and GIT Director and other administrators 3. bring any matters that need attention to the director and administration during board meetings 4. communicate necessary information from the administration to the students 5. suggest, develop and implement solutions that may arise 6. encourage students that may become dishearten with their studies. 7. Serve as a prayer partner whenever needed. 8. When needed, communicate with other student representatives for advice and direction.

Criteria for student representatives:

1. Be an exemplary Christian 2. Have an excellent verbal and written communication skills 3. Possess organizational and planning skills 4. Able to take minutes of meetings with students and board members 5. Able to solve life’s problems. 6. Possess human relationship skills. 7. Ability to negotiate and remain impartial 8. Flexible to work with students’ timetable. 9. Is an active Student 10. Could be an Alumni
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