Instructors/Faculty Policies

and Procedures



Teachers are those responsible for shaping the students’ future by influencing their personal development. In a Bible school, this includes teachers shaping students into the likeness of Christ. A teacher’s major tool is his or her character comprised of attitude and Christian values. It is imperative that a teacher’s disposition toward personal study and growth serve as an example to students. As leaders, teachers influence their followers. Their demonstrated positive attitude towards study is a prime example and influence in student development. Students also benefit greatly when they are learning under teachers who are continually improving their skills and knowledge in the subjects they are teachings with ever increasing mastery. Consequently, students’ needs for a strong learning example and increasing teacher excellence is a mandate for teachers to continually develop their professional knowledge and skill.

Current Trend

It is now the standard for universities and colleges to emphasis the training of pedagogical skills and personal development of their teachers, instructors and faculties. Worldwide educational institutions have recognized the imperative of lifelong learning even for their own staff.

Our Approach

Global Institute of Theology also takes personal and professional development seriously. We insist that teachers, first of all, have a testimony that honors God and a good reputation with those outside. Secondly, they need to be theologically sound and academically prepared to serve the students in the best way possible.

Teachers’ Requirements

For this purpose, GIT offers courses and periodically will conduct seminars to assist the instructors in their continuous professional development (CPD). GIT teachers are required to attend these seminars. The goal of the seminars is to share their teaching experiences and any research studies completed within their subject areas. It is natural for Christian teachers to keep up-to-date with research work to keep them current with among other things, recent trends in theology, including positive and negative influences on the church.

Teachers’ Responsibility

Therefore, GIT expects that the instructors record and submit to the GIT office their CPD endeavors, which GIT keeps on record. This is important because we need to show evidence to the NCFHE that our teachers are learning and growing as described above. This evidence is required in the standards and external quality assurance auditors who will want to review these records. IT is essential to GIT’s status, effectiveness, and the students’ success that teachers fully cooperate.
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