Student Identification



The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that GIT operates in compliance with the polices of the NCFHE’s requirements for student identification. From the beginning of the application, students’ verification procedures are applied. Students that are enrolling for credit and those that are enrolling for their own spiritual enrichment, GIT applies the same procedures. These continue through the students’ course of study and graduation or resignation.

International Students Verification

Since students with GIT would be coming from Pentecostal and Evangelical churches, a number of student verifications will be applied. These can include: Prospective students need to send a copy of a legal identity document, such passport or national ID card. The pastor of the church will verify the identity of the students by a signed declaration A Skype (or similar software) meeting will take place between a GIT staff member to (1) verify the students’ likeness and (2) assess the language ability of the applicant. This procedure will apply for students that are able to come to Malta to study, or studying by distance learning.

Proctors’ Respectability

Exam supervisors must be GIT approved. He or she must sign a declaration of protecting the integrity of the exam. If the proctor, for some reason will not be able to supervise the student, he or she will need to inform the GIT office. Only the GIT office has the authority to choose the proctor. The proctor must verify the students’ identity when taking both paper and on-line exams

Students Living in Malta

Students living in Malta can present themselves at the GIT office with the necessary identification documents. The procedure of taking paper or on-line exams remain the same as above. Exam supervisors must be GIT approved. If the proctor, for some reason will not be able to supervise the student, he or she will need to inform the GIT office. The GIT office alone have the authority to choose the proctor.

On-line exam Security

On-line exams are secured by a login name and password. These are provided by Global University and sent only the GIT national office. The National director is the only person in the office that has can receive this information and pass it on the proctor.

Verifying Identities of Enrolled Students Taking Online Exams

Following the Internal Quality Assurance Policies Standard 1-G: under exceptional circumstances, such as sickness, injuries, living in unsafe countries, and other matters that justify students not being able to have a mentor physically present, students can still take their exams. The GIT director alone can authorize these cases. However, students must be willing to allow the videoing of the exams. If the director sees fit, the exam procedure will also be recorded, unless such recording puts the student in danger. Students need to make this request in writing and agree to the following. Be willing to provide a videoing device Allow the online mentor to record the exam if the director deems necessary. Permit to view the exam taking to competent authorities.
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