Students’ Admission



When students need to enroll for a subject (or module) they first need to fill the “Subject enrollment Form” (SEF). If it is the first enrollment, then a downloadable form* must be used. It has to be filled and signed by the students. The students can send the SEF to admissions scanned by email, or the original by hand or post. From there onwards, the students can fill an online form. Fill the Subject Enrollment form using this link:

Printing Module Request

If students want a printed copy, they must use one of the following links, depending on the program of study: Christian Life Christian Service Ministerial Studies (BSB) Undergraduate GIT will provide the students with the printed study guides and enrolment no longer than five working days after payment has been confirmed.


Study guides, IST and the like cannot be purchased separate from enrolment. In the past, we allowed students to receive material without filling “The Subject Enrolment Form” (SEF). Then, when the students were close to taking their exam, they filled the SEF. As from January 2020, GIT will not continue the practice of selling study guides without student enrolment. Kindly note, the printing of materials without signing a printing agreement with Global University would be considered as breaking copyright laws.

Sitting for the exam

Before students sit for their exam, they must inform the student representative, or their instructors to facilitate their exam. The best formal way is for the students to apply for the date of their exam by filling this form. For an comprehensive procedures for exams, please read the exam procedure page.


All payment must be settled before or during the collection of materials and exam enrollment. Only in special situations that the board of directors can allow a student to have a maximum of two courses in credit. We do not ask students living in Malta to pay for their semesters before they start their studies. We expect them to pay for their materials and enrolment per course basis. The GIT board can suspend the studies of students that are behind with their payments. However, each case will be decided individually. All online forms and downloadable links are found on
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