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Student Activity

Student requirements and guidelines is to maintain an active degree-level status. New students should enroll in their first course within 3 months of acceptance into a GU School. Degree-level students must enroll in at least 1 course per calendar year (January–December). To ensure a student’s status remains active, it is recommended each student enrolls in at least one course per six months. It is hoped that this schedule will encourage continuous student enrollment that results in students achieving their goals. Please remember that undergraduate students who wish to reactivate their studies must have a minimum 2.00 GPA. The Dean of the Undergraduate School will make exceptions on a case-by-case basis. Graduate-level students wishing to reactivate their studies must have the approval of the Graduate School Dean.

Undergraduate Students – Academic Standing and Successfulness:

Students’ academic performance should be an indicator that they are benefiting from their studies. Undergraduate students with multiple course scores below 73 percent should request counseling from the GIT Director and explore ways to improve their academic performance. Students sare encouraged to pass previously failed courses before enrolling in new courses. They should also consider limiting their course enrollments to fewer than three courses during a six-month period. Undergraduate students who have not submitted proof of secondary education may not enroll in more than 18 credits if their GPA is below 2.00. Students who are unable to consistently maintain a 2.00 minimum undergraduate GPA may be withdrawn at any time. Those students who continually struggle to be successful in their undergraduate students should be encouraged to pursue other educational options with less academic rigor, such as Berean School of the Bible programs.

Graduation Reminders

1. Any transcript being evaluated for possible transfer of credit from another school should be submitted before the last Global University course is completed. 2. Undergraduate capstone components should be submitted to GIT within 9 credits of graduating or at the time the final exam for the student’s last course is submitted. 3. Once students have met all program requirements how the graduate’s name should appear on the degree and mailing instructions should be emailed to
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Students that are enrolled in a program will then need to enroll in the modules that make up the course. There is a simple procedure to to this.

Subject Enrollment Form

Fill the Subject Enrollment form using this link:

Printing Module Request

If students want a printed copy, they must use on of the following links, depending the program of study:

Christian Life

Christian Service

Ministerial Studies (BSB)


For the students to apply for the date of their exam, they need to fill this form. For an comprehensive procedures for exams, please read the exam procedure page.
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