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Ministerial Certification-Licensing-Ordination

Global University’s Autonomy

1. GU is not related to any ministerial credential process. Students who pursue ministerial credentials with any organization do so independently of any relationship to GU. Therefore, any required course work related to student enrolment with GU is not conditioned by credential requirements or processes. Students should be allowed to pursue educational opportunities with GU independent from outside requirements.

Global University’s Limitations

2. HOWEVER, GU cannot control or prevent a denomination or outside group from imposing credentialing requirements on a student who is enrolled with GU. For example, the church or denomination can inform students that in order to use GU courses to satisfy a credentialing requirement, certain conditions must be met. The students must then decide whether to meet the church or denomination’s conditions in order to satisfy credentialing requirements or to simply pursue completion of the course under GU’s stated conditions. For example, church bodies have imposed additional requirements on BSB students who apply for credentials. These requirements do not affect the students’ ability to complete the course with GU, but they do determine whether the course will satisfy the educational requirements for credentialing.

Church of Denomination’s Prerogatives

3. A church or denomination may require that BSB internship course mentors meet certain qualifications before the internship course will satisfy credential requirements for ministerial candidates Students may then decide whether to complete their internship course on their own under GU policy, or comply with the church or denomination requirements

Global University and its Relationship to the Assemblies of God

4. GU is owned by the General Council of the Assemblies of God, holding the same ownership status as Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri, USA. GU is not owned or governed by AGWM. However, GU is in a fully amenable relationship with AGWM and all its personnel on the field. GU works to communicate and coordinate with AGWM leaders and missionaries, while maintaining independent government under its Board of Trustees. GU’s accrediting body (Higher Learning Commission) requires that GU demonstrates this degree of autonomy as a higher education institution. One example of this autonomy and amenability is that GU seeks endorsement of AGWM regional and area directors for its national representatives, but does not require such approval. 5. As much as possible, within constraints of accreditation, GU seeks to collaborate with national AG church bodies, but cannot be governed by them. It is common to form educational partnerships with national AG church bodies.
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