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Network Representative


Network Representatives are responsible for the Global University programs and outreach in the country or countries in which they serve. Network Representatives must have a bachelor of arts degree to serve undergraduate students and a master of arts to serve graduate students. Essential duties include the following:

Training and Staffing

1. Read the International Network Guidelines, complete the Network Representative Examination and submit within 90 days of receiving appointment, and ensure that those under his or her supervision do likewise. 2. Select and train a staff of qualified and dedicated people to help carry out the work of the Network Office.


1. Develop and maintain a positive relationship with the International and Regional Offices, the elected officers of the national church, the Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM), AGWM personnel, Bible schools, and other organizations. 2. Assist churches or individuals in establishing Extension Offices and study groups. 3. Assist the Regional Coordinator in translating, adapting or contextualizing, and producing GU evangelistic and instructional materials in the languages served by the Network Office. 4. A local office is authorized to create governing bodies, such as boards and committees, according to local needs and requirements, so long as it aligns with Global University’s accreditation requirements and promotes the mission of GU.

Students and Academics

1. Recruit and enroll students, and send enrollment information to the International Office for processing. 2. Maintain a file on each student, including complete academic records and student inquiries and responses that can help in answering future inquiries. 3. Provide educational services for enrolled students, including the following: Implement evangelism and educational enrollment procedures. Send and receive materials from students. Respond to student inquiries. Grade undergraduate student projects and collateral reading assignments (requires adjunct faculty status). Record student progress. Keep academic records. Counsel with students. Facilitate final examinations. Participate in the presentation of certificates, degrees, and diplomas. Encourage students by periodically sending personal letters or notes for good work; inquiring about difficulties with materials; sending a simple newsletter about GU students, events, and items of interest; and arranging to meet with groups of students. Request and arrange for final examinations through the International Office. Stock and distribute evangelistic and instructional materials to new converts, independent-studystudents, GU study groups, Bible clubs, resident Bible schools, and so forth.


1. Serve as Chief Financial Officer for the Network Office, which includes the creation of a business model to provide for all operational expenditures. (In many countries, AGWM personnel on the field share the financial responsibility with the national churches.) 2. Develop and maintain a financial record system to meet the local need and provide information requested by the GU International Office, Regional Office, and, in some cases, the local government.


1. Provide Quarterly Reports to International Network Services in the International Office and the Regional Office concerning evangelism activity and discipleship and training course completions. Interim Network Representative
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Global Institute of Theology has customized Guidelines for the national director. They can be accessed from this file